Sunday, October 16, 2011

First week

Well I finished my first week plus some already, how exciting.

So I went to the hospital with two of my Korean co-workers to get my physical for immigration.  We went to a hospital that was part of a medical school.  It was huge and confusing though I had a lot of help.  It was amazing how fast it was to get everything.  I got chest x-rays, an EKG, blood and urine samples, hearing, sight, and all the basic other testing, weight… in less than an hour, crazy.  In the US that would have taken days.  It was great. (not to mention the blood test results were done in 2 days, again so fast) We then went to eat lunch and I had a BBQ and pineapple hamburger and a salad. 

So for my ID here I needed a photo of course.  In Korea they have all their photos taken at a studio, nice idea right, never a bad photo again.  So at the photo studio I was sitting to get my photo and the photographer told me to smile, so I did, big and happy.  Instantly he through his hands up waving and saying no no no.  I was confused.  My co-worker said I had to have a closed mouth smile, ok so I smiled again with my mouth closed and again the photographer waved he’s hands and said no no no.  I was then told I could only do a very small, slight smile.  So I guess they really didn’t want me to smile then.  To funny, just a little miscommunication.  I got my photo back in about 3-4 days and lets just say there was a little touching up.  I have no freckles anymore. 

Next was the Korean Embassy for the final process of my ID.  Again fast and easy.

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