Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I love, things I miss

I love:

- that I do not have to have a key to my room.  They have keys, mine looks like a computer junk drive stick but I have a key code system on my door so I only have to key in my pass code to open the door...I will never get locked out again, never have to worry about forgetting my key...fabulous.

- that they are dedicated to recycling here, we separate our food, recyclables and our trash...amazing

- they have maps or all the bus stops, where they go, in English at almost all the bus stops

- they have kept Mc Donalds and fast food away from the little mom and pop places...it is refreshing to see so many little shops and food places, because of this there are so many different places to eat and shop all owned by actual people, who you usually can meet working there

- I love the fruit stands on the streets, its like a farmers market everywhere everyday

- my building has motion lights, so they do not waste electricity

Things I miss:

- garbage cans...they put their trash on the street in bags (that you buy) but sometimes it looks bad and messy

- fast food, I never thought I would say that but sometimes your just hungry now

- tall tables, I have a floor table in my house (until I get a big one) sometimes you just want to sit at a table

- my TV shows...another thing I wish I could say I don't miss but to know that people are watching them and I'm not...well I guess I will just have to catch up when I return

- English book stores, I love reading books, turning pages and all, I will have to find them here for sure

- Ovens...I love to bake what can I say: warm cookies, baked lasagna...

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