Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halloween in Korea

We had a Halloween party at my school.  I talked about Halloween with them all month and read about the ways we celebrate it in America.  The children were so shocked to hear that kids dress up and go door to door getting candy, needless to say Trick-or-Treat was their favorite phrase of the month.  They thought that anytime they said it they would get candy, I told them that is not how it worked, they get one day.  I planned games for them.  We played pin the nose on the Jack-o-lantern and the mummy wrap game.  Earlier I explained the games to the teachers who had never heard of them of course.  I told them we blind fold one child at a time and give them a paper triangle for the nose, spin them and they have to try and put the nose on the large Jack-o-lantern, the closest to where the nose should be wins.  The mummy wrap game:  I told them in America we would use toilet paper and wrap the kid in it and they would have to run to the board answer and question and run back, then the next  person on their team would be wrapped up and so on until everyone on their team had  a turn.  They said that toilet paper was wasteful and they would rather us the medical wrap you use to wrap up sprained ankles.  I thought this was a great idea but was shocked because in American cheap is better, but here environmentally friendly is better so we went that route.  On the day of the party I explained the rules to the children and then asked one of my Korean teachers to help with the other half of the class.  They said to me" but we do not understand how to play"  I said "but you said you understood when I explained it to you last week."  They said, "well yes but we just said that to make you happy."  I thought so you didn't understand but just said you did to make me happy?  Well after explaining it once again we were on the same page.  The kids had a blast.  They had never played the games before and usually do not get to play games of any kind in school or in their daily lives.  It was so much fun to see them so happy and enjoying games we as children grew up playing.  They got their candy and pizza with corn and potatoes on it cause that is just how they do pizza in Korea.

 Most Koreans do not celebrate Halloween, in fact it is really hard to find a costume of any kind.  That does not stop the foreigners, we are just more creative and show the Koreans how it is done.  Many of the bars or restaurants had special Halloween celebrations though and so we were able to celebrate one of my favorite holidays after all.

Lionel had sent me his football jersey to sleep in and it just so worked out perfect for my costume, thank goodness cause I had no idea where to start to look for one.  Even some Koreans got into the spirit and dressed up.  There was a costume contest and everything...
This was at Heaven.

I felt like I was in Las Vegas when the bartenders started to light the alcohol on fire.

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