Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving in Korea

Thanksgiving in Korea was better than expected.  I talked about thanksgiving to my students all month like Halloween and even brought in mashed potatoes for them to try.  They had never had them before but loved them of course.  When I showed them pictures of Thanksgiving in America they were in ahh of the amount of food and the huge turkey which most had never tasted either.
 My friend got a 14lb turkey from the Underground grocers that has Canadian and American food.  It is a very small store but you can find things like frozen green beans, re fried beans and lunch meat which you can not find anywhere else.  Of course you pay extra but that is a small price to pay when you need a taste of home.  We do not have ovens in Korea so they offered to cook the turkey for us and provide gravy and stuffing for about $100 so we each paid about $10 for that and brought a side dish to share.  The one rule was nothing Korean was allowed.  We did not have enough room for everything on the table but we had mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, stuffing, broccoli and cheese, soup, cranberry sauce and yam fries.  I brought vegetables and ranch dip thanks to my mom for sending me the ranch mix and my friend Anna for telling me which yogurt taste the most like sour cream (both which they do not have in Korea).  Everyone was loving the ranch dip since it has been so long for many since they had ranch last.
 We found American wine to seal the deal.
 Jen hosted the dinner and Johns mom sent the center piece to make it a complete American Thanksgiving.
 Though we sat on the floor and we celebrated on Saturday and not Thanksgiving it was great to be around friends and having the feast I love so much back home.
 As you could see we had a Thanksgiving coma after eating just like back home.  John brought walnut pie (there is not pumpkin or pecan pie here) and ice cream for desert and we downloaded Home Alone to watch as we recovered from all the food.
It was a great day.  I hiked that morning so I did not feel so bad for eating everything I wanted.  We come from all over the world, England, LA, Canada, Texas...but together we brought the American Holiday to Korea and had a great Thanksgiving.

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