Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas at school

Brown Class
Oxford Class
At my academy the kids had a Christmas performance.  We practiced Christmas songs everyday for a month.  They sang: Rock'n around the Christmas Tree, Deck the Hall, What do you want for Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, and Here Comes Santa Clause.   We talked about Christmas and read about Christmas.  It was exciting to see their faces when I showed them pictures of Chirstmas trees with presents under them.  They loved the lights and ordemants on the trees.  They loved everything about Christmas, even singing the songs, which I would catch them humming while working or in the hall.  Many do not celebrate Christmas and the children who do, do not of course celebrate Christmas like we do in the States.  In my reading classes we read "The Fir Tree", " The Christmas Carol", and "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a bell".  So exciting of course.  Parents came to watch the performance and after there was an award ceramony because these kids are always being scored and ranked every chance that percents itself. 

Columbia and Yale classes
These are my little kids.  Most of these kids are in 3rd and 4th grade, some are in 2nd.  They are 8-11 Korean age, which makes them 6-9 American age.  They are very bright students and speak English well.  My PRM Junior classes are: Oxford, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale.  Don't you love how they name them after Ivy League colleges.  I get to name my students English names.  I have so much fun with that.  I like to name them after my friends or family, sometimes even my favorite movie or book characters. 

After the performance was their Christmas party.  They Korean teacher's picked "Lion King" as their Christmas movie.  I had asked if they wanted me to get a Christmas movie, but they said they had one...not such a Christmas movie really but the kids never get to watch movies so they were happy to watch anything.

The man with the glasses is my boss and owner of PRM, Mr. Cha. 

My co-worker Fred, was Santa, the kids were so happy.

Ruby, Helena, Jade and Chris in the back  (thier first candy canes)

From the front left: Alice, Toni, Max, Kevin, Beoun, Suzie, Nick, Michelle, Erica, and Lynn.

From top right: Sally, Anna, Alice (another), Carol, Cherry,  Sara, and Ben

From top right: Grace, Bella, Clara, and John

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