Thursday, January 26, 2012


I decorated my apartment.  I got so many Christmas cards and boxes, it made me feel loved, thanks everyone.

 For Christmas Eve I went over to a friend's place for a Christmas party.  We had REAL cheese with crackers, it was amazing. 

I made macaroni and cheese with bacon.  There was also bacon
wrapped chicken and mashed potatoes with bacon...

It started to snow Christmas Eve night.
 We sang Christmas carols to people but only about half of the people we sang to seemed to enjoy it and told us Merry Christmas back, the other half looked at us like we were crazy...This was the same for the walk home. We walked home, about a mile or so and said Merry Christmas to everyone on the way home, about 40 people, about 17 or so said Merry Christmas back, the others looked at us like we were crazy.
Christmas morning I skyped with my family.  They were at my cousin's house celebrating Christmas Eve.  It was great to be a part of the Christmas celebration and to be able to see everyone.  I even sent a grab bag gift to I could participate in the Christmas grab bag game.  After I skyped with my family (which got me up early with less than 4 hours sleep) I had Christmas brunch with some friends in my building.  Helen had the brunch at her place which is right under my apartment.  It was awesome.
 That night I skyped with my mom, Lionel, and Troy for Christmas morning their time. 

Thank you mom, dad, Lionel, Alex and Gina, Eleanor and Kaighly for sending me many wonderful gifts.  Also thank you to everyone who sent we Christmas cards, it was great and made it easier to be away for the holidays. 

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