Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Kimchi Fest

 I went to the Kimchi Fest that is held in Gwangju once a year to celebrate Kimchi.  There was all kinds of Kimchi and things made with Kimchi.  I took the bus there and while tring to ask the bus driver if I had missed my stop or when I should get off (he even called someone for me to speak to in English) two Americans came up and told me they were going to the fest too.  They had been there earlier in the week and knew where to get off.  Thank goodness because it was quite the hike from the bus stop, even if I did get off at the right stop.  They were really nice.  They told me they were from Texas and were taking a year off to travel.  They just came from Japan and were going to be in Korea for a month and then go to China (were their parents were from) and then Tialand...

There was music and dancing. 

You could make your own Kimchi for $5.  They had soaked the cabbage and prepared the spice rub already but you continued with steps 5 and 6.   

This guy was a great help.  His English was really good and he told me what I had to do.  Step 5 was to rub the spice mix into the cabbage, folding back each layer one at a time and spreading the spice rub inbetween. 
This lady thought I needed help, I thought I was going great, but I could tell she just took pride in Kimchi.  After I finished rubbing the spices inbetween the cabbage the lady put the Kimchi in a bag and then in my very own Kimchi pot so I could take it home (step 6).  I was told to let it sit out at room temperature for 4-5 days and then I could eat it.  I did let it sit out for 5 days.
These are Kimchi pots. They bury the Kimchi in the ground for months traditionally.  While in the ground the Kimchi soaks in the spice rub.

 I also made this pancake like thing that had Kimchi in it too.  It was 1,000 won which is less than $1 to make, great deal right.  While in the Kimchi tent I met some people from the UK there.  They were funny and together we were tossing the Kimchi pancake thing in the air.  The Korean women helping us could not get enough they would "ooooh" everytime and clap their hands encouraging us to do more.  I tasted so good when we finally stopped playing with it and ate it.

There were art tents there too.  I made this painting and another one just like it but blue.  You make them with paint and stamps that the gentleman  in the photo made ( he was the artist that made the stamps)  but I painted the picture all by myself. 

These guys were so funny.  They kept chasing me and knocking each other down.

That was the end of my day at the Kimchi Fest.  I met a lot of nice people and had fun creating food and art.

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